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Gavin the I can’t hook up a playstation Guy

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just had a dream where someone stole my socks and framed me for murder using the dna on them

i dreamt i stole someones socks omg

i’m calling the police

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shingeki no kyojin military branches

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jam of a lifetime

is it on itunes because honestly

Someone did a chopped version of this and man id swang all day

pitchfork best new music 10.0

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the richest people in the world could give $100 to everyone in the world and still be the richest people in the world

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Restroom air dryers are a great way to warm your hands before wiping them on your jeans

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 rooster teeth/achievement hunter meme → [3/3] female member

     Meg Turney → ”Host at Rooster Teeth, lady, nerd, cosplayer, gamer, rebel princess, and model gundam enthusiast. “

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Let’s Play - Important Announcement! / Let’s Play - Burnout Paradise

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Adam “Doesn’t Give a Fuck” Ellis

Adam “Doesn’t Give a Fuck” Ellis

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We at Ramsey’s Landscaping & Florist take the end of the world very seriously: prepare your anuses for war, gentlemen!

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