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how many times do i have to reblog you before you notice i wanna talk to you

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realest thing I’ve seen in a while

this was so amazing. so thought provoking. an eye-opening social criticism.

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roosterteeth + lightish red

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all i think about is clothes i can’t afford and food i want to order.

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Holy Shit | by Cr1TiKaL

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what do you mean he isn’t an actual penguin

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A Compilation Video of Tiny Puppies Learning to Howl

If somebody comes into my room and finds a little pile of ash that once was me

This video is the culprit

I watched this whole fucking video. This whole fucking video. This fucking video is so important. Watch this fucking video.

awwwww, im dying. i want them all

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He got his autumn scarf today and promptly fell asleep with his best friend.


He got his autumn scarf today and promptly fell asleep with his best friend.

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having a facebook… more like


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Dan sings “Anaconda” [x]

So when’s NSP dropping their Nicki Minaj cover album?

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During RT podcast Michael accurately describes my personality when in public situations

i’m not sure how much more dead on he could have been this is literally me

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Ayyy Labor Day! (x)

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